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“A lot of yall just don’t get it. The cutty-pasty epidemic is a big problem, spawned in part by other ailments like the “wiki cup” and “dyk” and other bauble collecting exercises that favor measurable “deliverables” (“i created x articles” “I got y DYKs” etc…) over creating coherent articles that are accurate surveys of a relevant topic. A lot of these articles are wrong, wrong in emphasis, wrong in basic facts, and most importantly wrong because there is no true distallation of the consensus view of the topic from the best sources. Why? Because the cutty-pasties don’t really understand what they’re writing about (how could they? In general, they haven’t sat down and read it all before starting. They’re just Magpies; a bottle cap here, a shiny piece of plastice there, ctrl v and I’m done). And this entirely leaves aside the fact that cutting and pasting is often from very old PD sources that are no longer accurate (particularly in science-related articles, but not exclusively). The culture of tolerance for this stuff, and the false sense of accomplishment given to poor article writers with DYK baubles, leads to an ever expanding miasma of innacurate articles, beyond the scope of the small handful of engaged editors to fix, if they were to try. Sometimes, more is less.Bali ultimate (talk) 22:32, 28 October 2010 (UTC)”

(Linked in my reply to the previous post on plagiarism; I will add the link later.