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And, I agree wholeheartedly. Nice to see the community is beginning to also realize the tremendous damage DYKs cause to en.Wikipedia.

User page with DYK awards is nominated for deletion.

Now, this is User:Bonkers the Clown‘s list of DYKs. Bonkers is the en.Wikipedia reader who, after reading here about the travesties of science on en.Wikipedia’s main page, corrected some of the worst and most obvious errors. Other editors who created these errors and are fully aware they exist, can’t be bothered to correct what they are vomiting into cyberspace.

Silly Vanity

Silly Vanity

Will someone on Wikipedia now nominate for deletion the falsely earned DYK credits, the silly vanities, the trophy cabinet, of the person creating those science travesties, User:Cwmhireath, that Bonkers bothered to correct some of the worst of?

What about all the other editors with trophy cabinets full of silly vanities for creating bad science and getting thousands of readers to look at it while it was on the main page?