Well, it is probably the only way to win; but, meanwhile, the bad science, bad biographies and idiocy that en.Wikipedia keeps showing up at the top of Google searches.

The Weiler Psi

This is the latest on a series of posts about editing on Wikipedia.  It begins here:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Also, see this article by Deepak Chopra


This is my final post on trying to edit Wikipedia.  There is no point to this charade anymore.  After having taken a few days to reflect on what was happening, I’ve come to the same conclusion that many before me have reached as well:  It’s not worth the effort.  Wikipedia is systematically broken to the point that trying to edit it is a complete waste of time.  Wikipediocracy has compiled  A Compendium of Wikipedia Criticism.  It’s worth reading.  Rupert Sheldrake’s biography is no better than when I started and this is despite the efforts of numerous people.

Tumbleman was banned, Oh boy Chicken Again was banned, I was almost banned as was Lou Sander.  That…

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