I sincerely believe this is an insurmountable problem in any community run by 91%, mostly white, and highly privileged men, as en.Wikipedia is. The techno nerd white male editors clearly feel who is an outsider and keep them away from contributing by creating a hostile and violent workspace for women. Sexual harassment in the sciences keeps women out of the sciences as effectively as the hostile atmosphere towards non-insiders keeps newbies off of en.Wikipedia. And, the newbies being kept off are women, experts, people with lives and knowledge in their professions, the type of lives that keep them from becoming techno-geek insiders to the hostile male social network that en.Wikipedia is.

monica byrne

UPDATE, 10/14/13: The man is Bora Zivkovic, Blogs Editor for Scientific American. There’s no reason for me anymore not to name him publicly, which I’d long wanted to do anyway. Reading about this incident is what reminded me (independent of whether or not he had anything to do with that post’s original deletion, which I don’t know).


I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how to handle this issue in a way that’ll both serve other women and, at the same time, honor my own needs. I decided to post without naming names for two reasons: (1) to report an incident of sexual harassment publicly, on principle, to demonstrate what it looks like, how it causes harm, and how even a woman as “aware” as I am didn’t recognize it and tried to excuse it at first; and (2) to ask whether anyone has experienced something similar with…

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