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Sorghum bicolor close-up from en.Wikipedia article on the organism

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And, pull the

Sorghum production in Chad

article, also, before it winds up on the main page.

Stop taking random guesses about plant and animal names. A species name has two components; when italicized, like Acacia, the genus name is capitalized. You can use “acacia” as a common noun, but then don’t italicize it; you could even capitalize it or not, when it is not italicized and some editors will haggle about it; but it would be less offensive than acacia, italicized.

Don’t take random guesses at plant names, and animal names; don’t split the the third name off of a trinomial name as if it is a different species; don’t use the species name for agricultural crops from ancient sources; if you had wikilinked it, you would have seen that the current plant name used is or may be different; although this is one of the least offensive crimes for these articles.

There is a WikiProject, WikiProject Plants; they cleaned up the Omanian desert mess, go ask them for help. Go to the geology WikiProject and have them check your geology–this will require any of them about 30 seconds to nuke the crap out of the articles.

High school or college biology, introductory would be of great help to en.Wikipedia editors writing articles that include biology. I don’t agree with people who say en.Wikipedia can’t be done. The current incarnation is a disaster; but it could be fixed. The articles don’t have to be perfect; so, you could use an old name, not the best, but if it were wikilinked, the plant articles have synonym redirects. The articles can’t be wrong, however. And they should show the familiarity with their topic that a high school or college freshman might have.

I will post a reply to some of Dr. Blofeld’s comments soon, an editor who appears to be willing to make the efforts necessary to prevent future such articles from appearing on the main page. For now, please, don’t let anything by this group with agricultural, botanical, floral, faunal, or geological information onto the main page. A good start to improving en.Wikipedia.