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ImageToday I learned “that a sub-surface channel was traced by aeromagnetic surveys in the region of the Mourdi Depression.”

I also learned that the Mourdi Depression, also sometimes known as the Mourdi Basin, a sub-basin of the Kufra Basin is only in Chad, not both in NE Chad and NW Sudan where the major exploration wells of the Mourdi Depression are located. This may be confusing to everyone, since the Kufra Basin of Libya, Chad, and Sudan, is firmly located in Libya in en.wiki.geography. But, I could be wrong, and there could be a depression and a basin; but, no way to tell from the en.Wikipedia article, which, as usual, is nothing about knowledge or information.

So, I’m confused. However, this is typical en.wiki bad science in action. A WikiCup contender or two gets a book or two, then copies and pastes words from those books into a nice collage that appears to be from the references material. Yes, another en.wtf moment. Since the bulk of WikiCup racers are not scientists, not undergraduate science students, and appear to have not taken science in high school or junior high school, doing the actual research necessary to clear up something like, “is the Mourdi Depression the same as the Mourdi Basin,” is probably too much.

Remember, this is the group with granitic lava flows. And Good News, Pedra da Gávea, with its granitic lava flows and intrusive sediment promoted, in tact!, to Good Article.

Something as tricky as differentiating between a geological feature called a depression or a basin might be beyond the collective. However, when you have two or one similar features together and the words basin and depression can be used as synonyms, even properly so, then you should clarify. Clarity, though, is beyond the scope of en.WikiCup racers.

However, my guess is that since they’re drilling a deep exploration well in the Mourdi in Sudan, it’s probably better called a basin, a sedimentary basin. Also, since the area is all part of the Kufra Basin, a sedimentary basin, it seems likely that it is, indeed, a proper sedimentary basin. Probably the Mourdi Basin and Mourdi Depression are one and the same, and this makes them the Mourdi Basin of NE Chad and NW Sudan, where oil companies are drilling deep exploration wells to expand Kufra Basin plays.

Oh, once more, we have pre-plate tectonics geology.

Someone saw small barchans there in 1933. Sand, wind, barchans.

“The Wadi N’kaola in situated within the Mourdi Depression,[6],” but ouadi isn’t wikilinked anywhere, and, frankly, so what? I think we’re going to need both en.wiki en.wtf moments and also, en.swtf, so wtf moments.

So what? There are barchans? Are they in the subsurface channel? Or are they on the floor of the desert? It’s a rocky floor, so, this might be interesting. How small are the barchans? How fierce is the wind? Can you actually synthesize knowledge rather than copying and pasting random singular facts and factoids into an article?

In the end, wtf is the Mourdi Depression? I thought it was a sedimentary basin in NE Chad and NW Sudan. There could be both a Mourdi Depression and a Mourdi Basin, certainly the former gets more google hits, the absolute power player for en.Wikipedia decisions. But, a little reading for understanding before pasting for WikiCup could have produced a credible article.

Could have.