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Image of volcanic and intrusive igneous features from en.Wikipedia intrusion article

Public Domain USGS image.

One of the biggest problems for experts on en.Wikipedia is the Randy in Boise syndrome. The reviewer of Pedra da Gávea is claiming that the sources say what the article says, because Randy, or Henry, has so little knowledge of geology, that he cannot read the sources for content. He sees the buzz words and okays the article as matching the sources because it has the same buzz words!

“During my review, I found the sources provided by the nominator to address the content issues at the GA review sufficed and support the statements made in the article.–ColonelHenry (talk) 21:53, 22 October 2013 (UTC)”

The source says,

“The geology at the western part of the entrance of the Guanabara Bay, …, is represented by Meso-Neoproterozoic high grade metasedimentary rocks intruded by Neoproterozoic syn- to post-tectonic granitoid rocks and thin Cretaceous diabase dikes.” Migoń, Piotr, ed. (2010). Geomorphological Landscapes of the World. Springer Publishing.ISBN 9789048130559.

The en.Wikipedia bad science, bad geology article says,

“The mountain, much like other stone outcroppings that surround the area, is the result of MesoNeoproterozoic high grade metasedimentary rocks intruding into Neoproterozoic granitoid rocks and thin Cretaceous diabase dikes.”

ColonelRandyHenry and the article editor caught the buzz words in the source, “metasedimentary,” Meso-Neoproterozoic,” but they simply don’t have the geological background to get past these big words to catch that the source says “intruded by” and they changed it to “intruding into.” If they had even a high school class in geology, they would know that, of the three things the metasediments could possibly be, “intruding into” something else, especially something that does not exist yet, is not one of them.

The reviewer is demanding new sources before the article can be changed or no longer declared a Good Article. The first sources were not perfect, but if they had actually been used by someone with a very limited background in geology, they would not have led to misread bad science.

ColonelRandy, go away from throwing up this garbage all over cyberspace!